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Evangelischer Kirchentag Berlin 2017

May 24, 2017

The 8th grade of the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zertrum engaged in the Evangelischer Kirchentag by cooking some recipes of our comic to support a german aid organization in Jemen. Before, the class participated in a workshop on the future of food led by their teacher Christian Hauser.

Schools may rent our german comic "Die Anthropozän-Küche" for free! If you are interested, please contact » Alexandra Hamann.



Photos by Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum

Feb & Mar 2017: Kids University for Sustainability and Climate protection at Freie Universität Berlin

Feb. 15, 2017: Teachers Training

Alexandra Hamann, Jens Kirstein und Rebecca Baganz of the cluster of excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin designed the lern station 3 of the teachers training named » The Anthropocene kitchen - designing the future in a workshop (event was held in german). After a short introduction in the method of Robert Jungk's future workshop we developed micro methods for the three main phases together with the participants.

March 14 and 16, 2017: Kids University

Mehlwurmburger oder vegane Eier – Wie sieht dein Speiseplan der Zukunft aus? (Mealworm burger or vegan eggs - How does your future menu look like?)

Together with 5th graders we held a future workshop on the future of food within a sustainable world. Despite the very serious topic we had much fun visualizing the positive future scenarios. The kids came up with some great ideas!

» german program

Impressions of the Teachers Training

teachers training
learn station 3
input Alexandra Hamann
easing program
easing program
get together
get together
visualizing the main topic
developing a presentation
developing a presentation
output teamwork
final presentation

Photos by Jens Kirstein

Impressions of the Kids University

kids workshop
input Jens Kirstein
Yummie mealworms
A. Hamann, R. Baganz
critique phase
critique phase
critique phase
field research
fantasy phase
fantasy phase
fantasy phase
fantasy phase
fantasy phase
implementation phase

Photos by Jens Kirstein and Carla Schulte-Fischedick

January 24, 2017: Mehlwurmburger oder vegane Eier? Essen im Anthropozän

Book presentation and live drawing act at Philipp-Schaeffer-Bibliothek:

Jens Kirstein and Alexandra Hamann presented the science comic Die Anthropozän-Küche / Eating Anthropocene at the Philipp-Schaeffer Library as basis for a participatory work on creating future scenarios with the public on how to feed the world in 2050. Ulrich Scheel, the artist of the german chapter of the comic book, visualized the ideas on-site. We started with a crititicism phase and ended up with great visions for the future of food.

Impressions of the Criticism phase


© Ulrich Scheel

These impressions show what people didn't like about the food production and their own behavior today.

From left to right: Rushed eating | Marketing the wrong food | Factory farming | Ready made meals - no more home cooking | Organic food too expensive | Standardized food | Foodtrends as new religion | Unhealthy ingredients | Long transport routes | Too much packaging | Enhanced foods | Food additives | Food loss

Impressions of the Future scenarios


© Ulrich Scheel

These impressions show how people envision the future of food in 2050.

From left to right: Save knowledge about food and recipes | Aquaponic systems | Better distribution | Rethinking traditional cooking and ingredients | Learning from kids | Breeding insects from compost | People can use photosynthesis | Printing food | Learning from animals | Support farming

sugar is everywhere

October 23, 2016: Das Unsichtbare sichtbar machen

Ein Frühstück ohne Zucker?

Workshop with children at the exhibition » +ultra - gestaltung schafft wissen at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin.

German information: Das Unsichtbare sichtbar machen: Das Wissen über Zucker in Süßigkeiten und Softdrinks ist mittlerweile weit verbreitet – doch inwiefern unterscheidet sich dieser von der vermeintlich gesunden Orange? Und was hat auf einmal der neue low-fat Käse auf unserem Frühstücksbrot damit zu tun? Mit Hilfe des wissenschaftlichen Sachcomics »Die Anthropozän-Küche. Matooke, Bienenstich und eine Prise Phosphor – in zehn Speisen um die Welt« lassen sich komplizierte Themen anschaulich und einfach darstellen – und im Rahmen dieses kleinen Workshops die oben aufgezeigten Fragen beantworten.
Der Workshop wurde von Jens Kirstein, Marc Schleunitz und Rebecca Baganz durchgeführt.

October 22, 2016: Bookfair Frankfurt

landuse in China
chapter phosporus
chapter Uganda
chapter Morocco
chapter China
chapter Japan
chapter Fiji and Kiribati
chapter Brazil
chapter Brazil
chapter USA
chapter Norway
chapter Germany
Q&A with publisher Frank Wigger
Alexandra Hamann
R. Leinfelder & A. Hamann
publisher U. Kidane, F. Wigger & editors
snack insects


Some impressions of the very dynamic book presentation by co-editor Reinhold Leinfelder at the SpringerNature stand of the bookfair in Frankfurt. Later we had some mealworms and Sekt with publisher Frank Wigger and communications manager Uschi Kidane.

» view streaming

October 19, 2016: Artist studio and live drawing at Martin-Gropius-Bau

Martin Gropius Bau
actice space
artist studio
live drawing
Jay Daniel Wright
Riikka Laakso
Emil Sommerfeldt
drawing Emil
Faezeh Shakoori Dizaji
drawings Faezeh
visualizing the future of food
live drawing
live drawing
the artists

photos: Young Sam Kim and Alexandra Hamann

At the special exhibition of the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung » +ultra - gestaltung schafft wissen at Martin-Gropius-Bau Riikka Laakso, Faezeh Shakoori Dizaji, Anders Emil Sommerfeldt und Jay Daniel Wright turned information into illustration. Our goal was to visualize future pathways of feeding the world.

» read more in the Cluster Zeitung page 18 (german)

June 7 and 8, 2016: Woche der Umwelt at Schloss Bellevue

Schloss Bellevue
Alexandra Hamann
cooking Matooke
Frank Wigger
Theresa Habermann
Jens Kirstein
F. Wigger and Reinhold Leinfelder
Rebecca Baganz
Marc Schleunitz and Sophie Lokatis
main stage
kitchen in action
Marc Schleunitz
the crew
R. L., The President and Joelle Ebongue
The President and Joelle Ebongue
The First Lady Daniela Schadt
the main actor
Ruohan Wang
Sylvain Mazas, Joelle and Maki Shimizu
Sylvain and Maki
Maki Shimizu
the ladies
Chapter Uganda
happy end

Photos by Jens Kirstein

Booklaunch at the Woche der Umwelt with the Federal President Joachim Gauck. We served the Ugandan recipe Matooke, milet bread and groundnut paste, as desert the german recipe from the book beestingcake with real drone larvea!

» Woche der Umwelt
» our project at the Woche der Umwelt

Sophie Lokatis

June 11, 2016: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at Freie Universität

Our german protagonist Sophie Lokatis at the Institute for Biology of the Freie University Berlin.
Unsere Protagonistin des Kapitels Deutschland Sophie Lokatis am Institut für Biologie der Freien Universität Berlin.

June 11, 2016 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at Humboldt-University

Drone larvae bee sting cake along with informations on the Anthropozän-Küche  also were served on occasion of the "Long Night of Science and Humanities" at the central building of the Humboldt-University Berlin

Drohnenbienenstich und viele Informationen zur Anthropozän-Küche wurden anlässlich der "Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften" auch im Hauptgebäude der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin serviert.